Butterscotch Saddles


Butterscotch Saddle

The Butterscotch saddle is made from good quality bridle leather with a simple hide seat. It measures 8 1/2", has an attached girth and is all riveted.


The Butterscotch stirrup leathers are detachable


The Butterscotch bridle and reins are made from the same quality bridle leather. They are edged, stained and creased in the traditional way but are riveted not hand stitched


The Butterscotch martingale is simple but necessary to hold the saddle in place due to the shape of the Butterscotch pony


3" stirrup irons for Butterscotch pony saddle


Complete Butterscotch set (saddle, bridle, reins, stirrup leathers, martingale and stirrup irons)



       Postage & packing - £15.00