Rocking Horse Saddles from Jasper Highet

Jasper Highet has been working in the saddlery trade for 30 years, having started in this field because he wanted to learn a traditional craft. He was lucky enough to be taken on as an apprentice in a workshop which made bespoke saddles for many Saddlery shops in the Westcountry, and whilst there qualified as a Master Saddler.

He decided to open his own country Saddlery, where he produced all his own leatherwork, from dog collars to saddles. After nearly 20 years in the business Jasper and his wife Alison took the decision to step back from the Saddlery shop and opened a small workshop specialising in making Rocking Horse saddles and bridles. The business is called Toy Tack and the idea developed when a local Rocking Horse maker asked him if he would make leatherwork for Rocking Horses that owners could remove, unlike the traditional nail-on Rocking Horse saddles.

They designed the bridles and saddles not as toy Rocking Horse tack, but as traditional saddlery made from best quality bridle leather, using the skills that he had acquired as a Master Saddler, to create a product which enhances the craftmanship of the Rocking Horse maker.

Trade orders are always welcome; Please contact us for further details.